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Our pastisserie
in business for over 40 years, in Lessina.

Our company was founded in the late 1960s from the passion of the Leso brothers for a Patisserie where the products are produced in-house, set amidst the pristine environment of the Lessinia, on the edge of the nature park.

Since then the Leso brothers have baked traditional, simple and delicious pastries, whose recipes have been handed down for many years in home tales and stories. In this manner the oldest known cake, the Sabbiosa, was joined by the Russa cake and the Rose cake, pastries baked every day, even now, with the same passion and the same secrets used many years ago.

In the 1970s the soft Plum Cakes were added to the production and the company gradually adopted the best technologies in the sector to combine craftsmanship and the most rigorous quality with competitiveness.

Even today, our pastry chefs like to surprise with new, healthy and quality recipe, an aspect which the company intends to continue, together with the choice of remaining and producing in Lessinia, where the environment is preserved and the air is pure. Perhaps this is the secret ingredient of this good mountain patisserie.